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The ultimate video e-learning video classroom site

DigiSender Live puts the tutor in total control and allows real time video leaning in an immersive video class room environment

Build an instant app ordering system in 10 mins

We develop software solutions for clients which allow food, drink and duty free sales in an app. Complete checkout solutions managed from a fully featured cloud dashboard!

Card payment terminals for businesses on the move

We develop software for clients to operate on merchant terminals. We present your venues product choice in an easy to navigate template. Enables staff to accept card payments on the go! With built-in ticket management it also allows you to sell and manage entrance tickets to venues and authenticate everything in real-time


The most advanced Android TV Launcher

A SuperSmart Android TV Launcher with Voice Activation and Dynamic content which now supports Android TV and has over 200,000 downloads


We create protection for high value individuals.

We have created the worlds first AI based protection app for individuals that live in relatively sparsly populated environments such as Farm Houses, Detached Properties etc and designed to warn you of unwanted visitors

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Building technology gaps for nearly 30yrs had been the primary objective behind AEI and the brands we operate – embracing the future comes naturally to us!